There are hundreds of jugglers who remember the forums hosted by, they were THE place to get all the info on pretty much anything happening in the juggling and circus world in Ireland and also the UK and further afield on occasion. Unfortunately the forums are no longer with us after falling victim to spambots and other malware that used the site to send spam emails. When it came to bringing back it was clear a new type of forum was needed, but forums are a pain in the ass to maintain with updates and security patches plus everyone has moved on to services like Discord instead of forums as each Discord server is like a forum where members can interact with each other.

On Discord there are voice and video call/conference options, easy image and video sharing and so much that is just not practical as part of a forum system, and to make life even better Discord is available on pretty much anything with a screen and a web browser, as well as dedicated apps for every major desktop/mobile platform. If you can’t tell already, we moved the forums to Discord, well, we’re using Discord now instead of forums because the less time spent maintaining the backend of a forum system the more time can be spent making THE place to get all your juggling and circus information again as well as where to hang out with the community. currently manages 2 online communities, our official Discord server and the “Circus and Juggling Ireland” Facebook group, the plan is over time to migrate almost everything from Facebook to Discord as people realise that what we can do with Discord is superior to what can be achieved with a Facebook group. While we could just kill the Facebook group and move everything to Discord, we feel the best approach is to maintain both side by side and let the Discord speak for itself and win people over as they see what’s possible on Discord. We have no plans to kill the Facebook group but our primary focus is the Discord server and we encourage people to come see why.

Our Discord server has a number of Audio/Video chatrooms where people can get together that same as they do on Zoom/MS Teams and we plan to host regular gatherings and activities on the server, the calendar below will show what’s coming up and what room it will be in.