Merlin has been juggling since 2006 and co-founded in 2007. Since then he has been attending and getting involved in organising juggling and circus events all over Ireland and the UK.
Mark has been juggling since the early 2000s and co-founded in 2007. Since then, who knows where he’s been hiding and what he’s been up to while his props are gathering dust.

Des started juggling around 2011, and has been a regular in the UCD Juggling and Circus Society since. He has been running the Dublin convention since 2018, and is a regular at several conventions across Europe annually.

Blú joined the world of circus in 2008 and ran the Galway Juggling Convention from 2013 to 2015. Blú has been representing Ireland on the board of the European Juggling Association since 2016.
Caroline (aka Sweets) started circus in 2007 in Trinity and is the VEJC rep on the EJA board. Though a regular attendee of Irish and UK conventions, she still can’t juggle a cascade but attempts everything else!
Michael started making creations out of air back when he was eight, and now is an international award winning balloon artist. He has regularly taught workshops at numerous conventions, clubs and societies over the years.