Monday & Wednesday 18:00-22:00

Atrium of the Old Student Centre, Belfield, University College Dublin, Dublin 4.


UCD Juggling & Circus Society

The UCD Juggling & Circus Society is not just a place for those who can juggle, it is a place where those wishing to learn may do so in an open and friendly environment.

It only takes a few hours to pick up the basics. Everyone’s welcome! Never feel afraid to ask for help, or if you see someone doing something cool, we’re always happy to share!

We cater for everything from jugging to cigar boxes, diabolos to plates, hula hoop, staff and poi.

We also do partner acrobatics, balloon modelling, unicycling, slack lining.

We host specialist weekly workshops on Mondays at 19:00, but there will always be someone around to help you out with whatever it is you want to learn.

Details correct at time of publication, please let us know if anything has changed.