Fun fact! Did you know Duffy’s Circus is one of the oldest Circuses in the world, dating back as far as the 18th century!? Duffy’s Circus has been wowing audiences throughout Ireland over the past three centuries, visiting county by county each year.

It all began when shoemaker Patrick James Duffy, from County Dublin, became fascinated by foreign circuses visiting Ireland at the time. His love for the travelling circus enticed Patrick to learn various skills, leading him to become a famous acrobat. Patrick’s devotion to Circus rippled down through his family roots as his son John later started his own Circus, the John Duffy Circus. John went on to have three sons of his own – John, Tom and James.

Thanks to James, Duffy’s Circus continuously flourished and developed into one of Europe’s most significant, treasured and loved Circus today. In recognition of this, the Government bestowed Arts Status on Circus, meaning Tom Duffy’s Circus is now supported and funded by The Arts Council.

Details correct at time of publication, please let us know if anything has changed.