Tuesday 17:00-22:00

Saturday & Sunday 13:00-18:00


Merrion Square, Dublin 2

Merrion Square Juggling

Merrion Square Juggling meet-up, was born out of necessity for a weekly juggling meet up during the summer, after the second term of college finishes. People star going to Merrion from the beginning of May, and return to indoor training in September.

It became the functional summer alternative to Trinity Juggling Society, taking place in the park just around the corner from Goldsmith Hall.

As such the meet-up starts anytime from 17:00 in the evening with many people joining immediately after office hours.

In years past weekend juggling happened in Merrion too, now it is much more spontaneous. 

This meet-up being outside, and in Ireland is totally weather dependant, but fear for jugglers are brave and will even turn up if its overcast in the hope the rain hold off.

End time is determined by month, which in turn determines the park’s closing time. As day light hours increase the park stays open later, and the jugglers will stay longer

Details correct at time of publication, please let us know if anything has changed.